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Koontz-Wagner’s origins date back to the 1920’s when two brothers in South Bend, Indiana began repairing motors in a small garage. Over the next 40 years, the company diversified services, while maintaining a focus on electrification and rotating equipment.


The next two decades offered an opportunity to enter the electrical solution center (e-house) market, ushering in the foundations of what would become a division called KW Custom Controls. Through dedication to the craft, KW Custom Controls established itself as a premier supplier to the power generation/transmission and distribution market serving customers such as Siemens, GE and Mitsubishi.

Today, KW Custom Controls is focused solely on the manufacturing and integration of custom-built transportable packaged control houses. Across the globe, KW Custom Controls has serviced a variety of industries including power generation, oil & gas pipeline, power utility, materials handling, telecom or alternative energy.



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